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Sunday, April 28, 2013


I was losing well, then stall...for a few weeks now.  A stall always feels like forever, like it has always been this way and I will never lose weight again.  Silly, I know.  But no one wants to see a stall.  They suck, but they are part of weight loss.

I do well when I make sure I keep my daily steps high (>10,000) and generally the way to do that for me is a walk around the neighborhood in addition to my daily activity.  That isn't hard to do, but doesn't always happen.  I was planning on a walk this evening, but my hip has been hurting today so I didn't do it.

This weekend was lovely here, though, warm and sunny.  I got a lot of gardening done this weekend.  I've been almost manic about the yard in the past few weeks, actually.  It started with just wanting to fix up the west side yard.  It had been planted by the previous owners with sun-loving plants, but it is partial to full shade.  The result was a few scraggly looking sticks that were supposed to be shrubs, and some leftover primroses that keep coming back.  I ripped everything out and bought as many bleeding hearts, hostas and hellebores as I could afford, backed them up with a few new hydrangeas, and put them all in.  Then I started to see everything else I could do...and so, many trips to the nursery later, it's looking good.  I had to get new fuschia baskets for the patio because mine did not overwinter this year.  I got some new patio planters, and I'm putting in new raised beds for veggies.  It's fun, and we spend so much of the summer and early fall out on the patio that we really do want it as nice as possible out there.

So anyway, we've got some stressful stuff going on that I'd rather not air on here, and I'm trying to keep my mind on the moment by gardening and crafting and playing with my daughter rather than eating.  Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, and that probably explains at least some of my weight loss stall.

But you know, things can always be worse.