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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good luck moving up, cause I'm moving out...

It's been busy around here. My hubby and I live in an apartment that is the main floor of an old house. We've been having trouble with neighbors. Specifically, our upstairs neighbors have been acting unneighborly. We've been working with them and with our landlord for a few months now, but finally it became apparant that nothing was going to change. I can't study in our home because of the noise, and I am uncomfortable around the hostility and passive-aggressive behavior.

We were about to resign our lease (we've been here 2 years) when we realized that, hey, we can move.

I didn't want to move before I finished school, but suddenly it seemed the best solution. Our landlord toyed with the idea of evicting the upstairs neighbors so that we would stay, but eviction takes time. They wouldn't move voluntarily. And the winter is fast approaching; in about a month, it will probably be unsafe (or actually impossible) to move due to snow. We want to live somewhere where we don't share walls with neighbors anymore (maybe it's more me than hubby). So we decided to move into a house.

The decision came quickly, and the move as well: we are moving in about 12 days. It's not easy to get ready to move while in the thick of the semester, working and going to school. But it's the right thing to do. So it's been very busy here. But, the house we are moving to is just a few blocks away, and it's beautiful. Really, a steal for the amount of rent they are charging us. I can't wait to be out of here and into our new home. We have had great landlords here, and we're sad to be suddenly leaving, but it just doesn't make sense to deal with an untenable situation if we don't have to.

Between moving, working, wrapping up my research project, and studying, I haven't been running in a couple of weeks. And this week I've lost 2 pounds. Go figure. I'm thinking of going for a run today, but we'll see. I'm not stressing about it right now, which is nice, for once.


Gen said...

Good luck with the move Gwen. I remember doing the quick-move with my DH before kids. Once we had to move out in the middle of the night because the landlord was giving us crap.

Anyway, congrats on the 2 more pounds gone! Awesome!

Hey I ordered some of that Click drink you wrote about -- good stuff, thanks for the tip!

Dinnerland said...

Good luck with your move-- congrats on making a positive decision for you and your hubby. You'll be better off in the end out of a toxic environment. Sometimes lots of exercise DOES NOT add up to weight loss, and maybe that is why your weight is down, makes me want to blog about this...

Snippety Gibbet said...

Well, bless your heart. That has happened to me twice. It is astonishing to me that grown ups can be so immature in situations that don't require that response. I hope this is a good move for you. jan