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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm serious...

...about Google Reader, folks. It rocks! And if you already have a Blogger account, the two work together. No new login needed.

While I'm getting caught up (instead of writing a paper, naughty me!) on all your blogs, I was checking out Thinspiration's latest pics--girlfriend is over 100 lbs lost! And looking so fantastic. So I just wanted to give her a shout-out over here...

...and also to my friend, who had RNY about 4 years ago, and finally got her tummy tuck and looks like a million bucks. She was quite thin, but had extra skin that was making her feel bad, so she went out and did something about it for herself. Self-esteem is just as important an outcome of WLS as improved health is. I won't give you away here, but you know who you are. She looks so beautiful. Congrats to you, lady!

1 comment:

Diz said...

I agree...Thinspiration is indeed an inspiration. She rocks like you do. Thanks for the tip on the Google Reader...I'll give it a whack.