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Friday, December 19, 2008

We're having a blizzard!

Well, we already did, but that's still what my friend Tami likes to say. We got a record 23.5" in 24 hours yesterday. Even for a city with a full fleet of plows, that is a lot. Yesterday I went snowshoeing in my neighborhood and I'm going to go again today. This time I'll wear my heart rate monitor though--I know going up the hill I got just as much aerobic workout as I do running. The state patrol is still telling people not to drive anywhere, while the plows are still trying to clear the streets, so snowshoeing on the streets is pretty viable in my neighborhood, and much easier than trying to walk in boots.

Snowshoeing, for anyone who hasn't tried it but wants to, is really just walking. If the snow is a little bit packed, the snowshoes will keep you from sinking much, but in the loose powder, forget it. The snowshoes I bought have much nicer bindings than the ones we rented last winter, and that makes a big difference since you don't want to have to take off your gloves to adjust the snowshoes when it's so cold out. These work well with big, clumsy gloved fingers, and they stay on much better than the rentals. I'll post a few pictures sometime today.

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