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Monday, May 16, 2011

the longest journey

I haven't had much time for blogging, although I have thought about topics often. I find that when I am home I am too busy to even open my laptop, and I can't blog at work. So I am going to try on my phone, even though the phone app doesn't allow me to format.

Lucy is sleeping on me right now. Poor girl has her first cold, and she can't breathe lying down. She made it almost 8 months before getting sick, which I think is pretty good. We all had the crud this weekend, just in time for a planned visit with my father. None of us were up for much entertaining, but we made it ok.

My weight isn't getting higher or lower. It has been exactly the same, to the tenth of a pound, for about 9 consecutive days. Frustrating. I had a fill on Thursday but it was tiny. I return in 3 weeks. I can still eat way too much.

I have been to my new gym, and dropped Lucy off with the childcare they offer. They fell in love with Lucy and begged me to bring her back. Pretty cute. I will try to go again tomorrow. After not running during my pregnancy, I am back to square one with fitness. But for now I am just trying to reestablish the habit first.

So far to go to reach my goals! But I am hopeful that I will get there.
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Lee Ann said...

Hey I found your blog while searching for the best protein drinks on-line. Anywho, congrats on your weight loss and baby. And you're a CRNA. So is my husband, he just graduated in Dec!

Sommery said...

Hi Gwen,

This may be a bit long, so I will understand if this never ends up on the blog. I found your blog a few weeks ago when I *finally* seriously began looking into WLS. It was on the blogroll of someone who is just starting out like me, and I kind of wanted the perspective of a veteran. So, I went back to the very beginning of your blog and read it in sequence. I took a while because I only read it at work. It has been like a book I don't want to put down. Thank you so much for sharing your life with a perfect stranger such as myself. It has helped me to decide (pretty much, haven't talked with the doc about it yet) that I do not want the band, but I thing VSG will work better for me. I also enjoy reading about your beautiful baby girl. I have three (not babies anymore)girls myself. When you were starting your WLS journey, I was at the beginning of my final pregnancy. It is funny how it seems like just yesterday, yet also seems like an entire lifetime ago. I love your blog, and now that I am caught up I will continue to stop by to check for new posts. Again, Thank You :)