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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back to working the band

I have been wanting to blog for quite a while now, and have had many bloggy thoughts to follow up on. Now, I have a spare minute to do it, with baby and daddy asleep, and...my mind is a blank.

It's been hard to find some time to blog lately. Lucy is 7 months old now, and I want to spend all my time with her when I'm not at work. Consequently, I'm never on my computer at home anymore. I can do some limited web-surfing at work (check the news, Slate, etc) but I can't really blog or Facebook, so I'm just not on there much anymore.

I say "limited" because anything that requires real concentration (like blogging) isn't the best thing to do while taking care of a patient, and I couldn't do that. There are definitely moments in a case when the patient is stable, the surgeons are doing something tedious (I work in a teaching hospital, so routine cases usually take a bit longer since there is teaching going on) and I can check out msnbc. But if I become engrossed in writing something...that's not good, so I just don't do that.


I had my upper GI and fill on the 14th. It was good to get back to my original surgeon's office, and to have my insurance pay for this stuff! The upper GI was fine, Dr P said it looked like she had just put the band in yesterday (although it was one of her former partners, actually). She gave me a small fill, which I have noticed a difference from, but I still have a ways to go. I'm working on being mindful about eating, and making better choices, and I think it's helping--I'm bouncing around the same couple pounds, but I'm not gaining. And I switched gyms. Yes, I left my beloved march wellness, probably for good because their one location is really inconvenient now, and they don't offer childcare, so I only ended up being able to go about once a month. We have a 24 Hour Fitness less than half a mile from our house, an easy walk, so I moved over there. I added my husband too, and our dues together are only $10 a month more than I was paying for my own membership at march. And they have childcare. So, win.

Being a new parent, I find myself thinking a lot about how we are going to influence our daughter's attitudes about eating and body image. One thing I think about is that my husband and I have sort of evolved into an ad-hoc dinner style; we rarely plan and execute a sit-down dinner at home for ourselves. We often just grab a snack in the evening instead of making a meal for us both. The nights I work, I will come home sometime between 7 and 8:30 (unless I'm working late, then it's between 10-midnight). Hard to plan, and once I get home I have to put Lucy to sleep because she refuses to sleep if I'm not home (or she wakes up once I get home--don't know how she does it). But I would like Lucy to have a family that eats dinner together. So we'll have to work on this, and figure out what works for our family.

Lucy is growing like crazy. She got her first 2 teeth about 3 weeks ago, and is about to have her upper 2 come through as well. She sits up on her own and crawls on her belly (hasn't figured out how to get that belly off the floor yet). She laughs a lot, often at totally unpredictable things. She loves going on the baby swings at the parks. She usually doesn't like us to feed her solids with a spoon, but she'll eat anything if she can do it herself. She babbles all the time, and says "mama"--it used to be only when she was upset, but now she just says it randomly sometimes. She has the cutest little voice. She is getting so big so fast, it makes us sad sometimes that her tiny baby days are gone so quickly. But we have a blast with her.

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