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Monday, April 9, 2007

Real Food

Tomorrow is the start of post op week 4, and I can officially start eating Real Food. Unofficially, I have on occasion eaten very soft "Real Food" while being very careful to chew chew chew. But I've kept very close to my soft-puree foods for the last 2 weeks, like I am supposed to. My first post op appointment is on Weds with the surgeon and the nutritionist.

I am supposed to keep food records for the 3 days prior to my nutritionist appointment. Aside from Easter dinner, I've eaten pretty much the same things every day:

  • Protein shake (this keeps me full for about 3 hours so I have continued to use them, although I didn't this morning)


  • 4oz. pureed tuna salad
  • 4oz. chopped broccoli topped with 1/2 tbsp asiago cheese


  • 1/3 c. pureed refried beans, with 1tbsp. shredded cheese and salsa
  • or 1 c. yogurt
  • maybe 1/2 c. applesauce or pureed canned pears (in juice)


  • more tuna salad
  • maybe a V8
  • more broccoli
  • 1 SF pudding cup with 1 tbsp cool whip lite

I think I'm missing a few things here. It ends up being around 1200 calories, which is supposed to be the right amount for me to lose weight, but I'm just holding. I was very depressed for a few days, thinking that I was supposed to eat this much when my band is filled and I wouldn't lose any weight. But I think I actually need closer to 1000 cal to lose weight consistently. I don't normally eat a lot anyway and I gain weight with that, so I think my body is just very efficient with the calories I give it. If this is true, the band is perfect for me, because I can't eat that little without feeling like I am starving all the time.

I read in my book from the surgeon's office that they usually do a first fill at 6 weeks, which is the generally agreed-upon time to start filling. Earlier seems to interrupt the healing of the stomach and can lead to future slips. (A slip means the band slips lower onto the stomach, which is usually something that has to be surgically fixed and sometimes results in having to remove the band entirely.) So, that is only 2 weeks away! I hope it doesn't take too long to get this thing rolling. I'm ready.

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