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Monday, April 2, 2007

Consequence Free

I guess now that I'm getting closer to going back to work (I'm back for real on Weds) I am slacking off a bit on the blogging. Or perhaps I don't have as much to say now. Not a lot happening on the weight loss front...just waiting for some restriction. I lost 13 lbs and gained back 3, and now I'm holding steady there. I am really trying to get in my water but it's very hard for some reason. It seems like every day I get to about noon...or 2...or later and realize that I haven't gotten very much water yet. The big challenge for me is the water right now.

Without restriction I feel...like before. The only way I can tell I had surgery is by my healing incisions. I DID have one experience this weekend eating breakfast where I experienced a "soft stop" signal (it might have actually been the "hard stop") and had to stop eating. Usually I get sort of semi-full, which is fine. But trying to make the full mental switch to a new way of life without any physical signals is just dieting.

I can't decide...is this dieting, or a new way of life? How do you approach eating after WLS? It seems the lap band community online is divided on this. Some people even go on diets after their band is "up and running" so to speak...on Atkins or WW or some such. WTF? Personally, I think the point is to eat like a normal healthy person, and not be on a diet. I get that it's frustrating when your weight loss slows down, and I'm sure there will be a bit of a mental challenge when I get there myself. But I guess I'm hoping that the restriction will fill in where my relatively healthy eating habits aren't able to. That, and not keeping ice cream in the house. :)

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