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Friday, July 6, 2007

This turtle is moving!

We started a little group on the Lap Band forum on OH.com called "The Turtle Club" for those of us who feel like we are losing slower than average. It's kinda fun, and a little bit motivating. I've been stuck gaining and losing the same 3 lbs for the last month and it's been really frustrating. But this morning, voila! Finally down to 22lb weight loss. Yes! Especially since this weekend we went to 2 parties, and another one last night. But it feels good to lose again.

What have I done differently? I'm trying to drink more water, but that is still difficult for me. I took a class at the gym 2 times this week, called the NIA technique, to change up my usual routine. And I've been tracking what I eat more closely on fitday.com. That seems to help. And I've been tapering off of my antidepressant, so hopefully that will help me stop holding on to a little of that weight. If I find I still need one, even though it's summer and sunny outside (my primary problem is S.A.D.) my doc gave me a script for Effexor to try that might work without as much weight problem. So. I'm getting through my first plateau! Yay me.

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