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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Halfway Point

Here I am, almost 7 months into the lapband journey, and I have lost one half of my goal. It's taking a long time to get here. It's hard not to get discouraged sometimes. I think my band is doing its job: I have restriction, and I stay full for at least 3 hours when I eat. I don't think the answer is another fill, although I never get stuck, vomit, or have any of the other "too tight" signs that other bandsters have, and I've never had any reflux, and I can eat bread easily, still. So maybe I do need a fill, I dunno. I suspect it's more a "me" thing than a band thing. For one, I probably eat more than I think I do. I still have a hard time estimating how much I have eaten and recognizing my "soft stop" before I blow past it. I also have a very hard time slowing down when I eat. I will probably always struggle with this. I'm trying to reduce/restrict the amount of breads and sugar that I eat, which hopefully will help as well. But also, this weight neighborhood I'm in right now is always where I plateau. Plus, 6 months into weight loss is a common plateau time. So it might not all be me (or at least things that I can change). I may have a perfect storm of weight loss stalling factors going on. I just keep plugging away, and do the best I can each day.

In 10 lbs, I will be the weight I was when I met my hubby. That is my next goal. After that I am in a weight zone that I haven't seen since I was 19. It's exciting!

I'm thinking of starting a more global blog. I'm not sure, but maybe a student CRNA/health care professional/chronic cynic sort of vibe. The whole package, including the weight loss stuff, moving to Spokane, being married (remarried), anything I can think of. We went to Spokane last weekend to attend the picnic for new students, meet the staff and current students, and scope out a place to live. Finding rentals in Spokane is sort of disappointing, but we definitely didn't want to buy a place and have to sell in 2 years, not with the trend in the housing market currently. We did find one absolutely perfect place, but the owner had just taken a deposit on it (asshole) and showed it to us anyway, and then drove us over a few blocks to his new manufactured-home type duplexes which were sparkly new and utterly depressing. View out the windows? More duplexes! Ugh. Then he was sort of disparaging about my desire to live in one of the numerous lovely old houses in Spokane that you see everywhere, kinda like the one he showed us first that we couldn't have. He really pissed me off with that little bait and switch. We decided on the first floor apartment of a beautiful historic home very close to the hospital where I will spend most of my time. Just waiting on the approval process so we can work out everything else. I would have preferred to rent a house with no upstairs neighbors, but we just didn't find one in a good location that was worth renting. There are some downsides to the place we are going with, but I think overall it will be a good fit.

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