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Sunday, January 27, 2008

January snow

Ahh...more snow in Spokane. This past week it has been under 20 degrees all week, hovering mostly in the 12-16 degree range. Then this weekend, it warms up to the 30s and snows, I dunno, 6-8"? Something like that. Last night it warmed up a little more, just enough to slush it all up. Today was around 33 degrees, and made for lots of heavy, wet snow.

I did take some pictures of it:
Spokane snow

Weight loss is slow. I think maybe I need a fill. My meals aren't very big, but they are only lasting 2-3 hours. Starting school has been stressful, I haven't been sleeping well, and I'm sure that doesn't help. I lost a couple pounds after my last fill. Then things have stood still...and gone up a little bit...TOM so I expect that will go away next week, but I'd like to be losing weight nonetheless. I've revised my time goal, though, to another 12 months to lose these 27 lbs. I might want to lose more after I get to my initial goal, but I'm not sure, so I've kept it there for now. The BMI target is a little high--over 25--but I think it might be a good spot for me. We'll see. For now I'd just be happy to get under 30 and be just "overweight".

My workouts were going well before the storm. I haven't been able to drive anywhere these past couple days, but I did get a home yoga & resistance band workout in last night. I'll try some more yoga here tonight. It was kind of fun to make it up myself, based on the classes I've taken.

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