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Monday, April 13, 2009

Good News....

3 pounds decided to leave. Don't know why they suddenly left, but I hope they stay gone. 3 more to go...then I can get back to losing the last few to goal. grr, regain sucks!

But, I've managed to stay within an 8 pound range for almost a year now, and very close to my goal, which could only be possible with the Band. Even though my eating habits are far from perfect, I've been able to do it for longer than I have EVER done it in my entire adult life. I've never stayed at any weight this long, really. So it's still a victory. I'll feel a lot better when I'm back down a little lower, though.

Today I planned on a run after clinicals, but was greeted by a real hail-storm. We've had several hail-storms this year, but usually it's just tiny hailstones. This time they were up to the size of a Gobstopper, like a centimeter or more in diameter, which is VERY unusual around here. Luckily they weren't that hard, and they didn't do any damage that I have seen. But they did dissuade me from running Doomsday Hill today. So I am off to the gym, to the Dreadmill. Hopefully tomorrow I can get in some outdoor mileage.

I'm trying to structure this week effectively. I am doing a 2 week rotation at our local VA hospital, which is an all-CRNA practice, and has a much slower pace than our usual clinical site. As such, I'll have a little bit more time, so I'm making an effort to get caught up on studying OB and finishing my portion of the lit review for our research project before leaving for DC on Friday morning. I have not studied nearly as much as I would like to have done this semester...my head hasn't been in the game, and there isn't as much pressure to do so, which is good and bad. But today I've been pretty good, spending some hours in the library studying (and very little of it on Facebook!). Tomorrow should be even better, fingers crossed...

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Diz said...

Nice. Good luck with the studying.