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Monday, September 14, 2009

Contest Winners

The contest ended on Saturday, but I was out of town, rafting the Tieton River with friends. It was lots of fun, and renewed my jones for getting outdoors more and doing more stuff--hiking, camping. I want to learn how to river kayak, and living in eastern Washington, there are lots of rivers around here great for rafting and kayaking. So...stuff to look forward to next summer.

There are 4 contest winners: KernieC, Jo, and HillHilly, plus Sparkly_Jules, who asked not to be entered in the contest but officially has another chance here. You don't have to have had WLS (or be in the process) to be in the contest, so if you want to try this stuff out, I'm happy to send it to wherever you are.

So, contest winners, send me either your email address OR your mailing address in a comment on this post. I will not publish the comment or your personal information (I moderate the comments here), just use it to send you your goodies.

Thanks for your entries. It was really fun to read your stories on here, and fun to check out the blogs that were linked to some of the profiles. (SparklyJules, it's been a long time since I read yours...love it!)

I know some others have sent me links to your blogs in the past...some I have checked out, some I forgot to check but wanted to. Anyone have a blog you want people to know about? I think it's time to update my blogroll, so if you want yours linked here, send me the url in a comment and I'll publish it (AND read it, promise) here.

1 comment:

Angi said...

You may already have mine. I'm a WLS'er from Oregon, my blog is: http://angiandthelapband.blogspot.com

:) Love your blog too!

- Angi