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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sharing The Love

CLICK came through and sent me a box of goodies yesterday. Lots of goodies! So it's only right to share them with my readers. I got a bunch of single-serving packets that are easy to send to you guys. I've been thinking about how to do this, and here's how I think it will go: I will send 5 people 3 packets of Click. (I could send more people fewer, but I'm still a poor graduate student, and shipping isn't cheap.)
So, let's call it a contest. It's a simple one. I want to know a little bit about my readers. What led you to WLS? It doesn't matter if you have already had surgery, lap band or another surgery, or if you are just researching it. Just a little something about what brought you here. Leave me a comment with your story (not too long, I don't even know what the word limit is for comments on Blogger). I will choose 5 of them and post here on the blog who they are. The winners will need to comment back with your email address or mailing address--I moderate the comments here, so I promise not to publish your personal information on the blog, I will only use it to mail you your prize, and will then delete it. Promise!

I'll leave this contest open for one week. Deadline is September 12, 2009. Have fun with this! And thank you to CLICK for making this contest possible. I think you are gonna love this stuff. It's yummy and has protein and vitamins and gives you energy, what's not to love?


Anonymous said...

Gwen - Hi first time to your blog, wish I had found you sooner! I am one year out from the band, 42.9BMI to 22.4, 131 lbs lost. My reason for having WLS--was Intervention style--I hit my bottom in Dec 2006 when I flipped my car with my DD in it due to sleep apnea (inability to stay awake driving). Got pregnant the same day, had my son, dieted, struggled, went to an infosession Apr 08 with my research already done and my mind made up to be a bandster. I love my band, her name is Towanda, and my new port is Idgy 2.O.

sparkly_jules said...

Hi Gwen, I've wanted WLS since November, 2004. I was jerked around by my insurance for 18 months before finally getting it approved only to have my insurance get canceled. I've not had any insurance since 2006, but it is still on my radar for the future.

What got me to consider, research, and then GO for WLS? A one line link on the CNN home page: WLS can cure diabetes.

Well, what it does is put it into remission, really, often for many, many years, and that is my goal. I have been a type II diabetic for 12 years, and I know it's going to shorten my life-span if I can't get the surgery.

So I keep waiting.

Don't enter me in the contest, but surely some deserving post-WLS patient could use the CLICK more than I could.



Jo said...

Hi Gwen - I was banded on April 10th of this year and feel it is the best decision I've made for myself in a long long time. My mother has type II diabetes, both parents had a sibling die at a young age of diabetes, and my mother also had had open heart surgery, carotid artery surgery and PAD in her legs.

I'm 45 years old - old enough to know it's high time I need to get smart and start taking care of myself. Lap band seemed like the only option I was willing to try. Both of my siblings are obese and let's just say I saw my future by looking at my parents and their health concerns.

And - hey I'd be lying if I didn't say I wanted to feel better, look better and get healthier!

I love your blog and you have been an inspiration not only for losing the weight and detailing your struggles, but also pursuing your dreams, however difficult they may be to achieve. I wish you the very best in getting to all of your goals and thank you for allowing us an insight into your life and your journey as a bandster.

Mary Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen - I love reading your blog and hearing how you're doing with your Band and running! (we have both in common :) My name's Hillary - I got banded in Nov. 07 in Edmonds, WA at 278ish lbs. I've lost 120 lbs. and am so grateful for this tool! I needed *SOMETHING* (not just a hope of willpower) to keep me from overeating. It's still a daily struggle to be healthy, but I'm so happy I have my band. I was searching for lapband blogs awhile bad and found yours...so glad I did!

Diz said...

Hey Gwen, thanks for doing this. I loved reading the comments and it's another boost to my soul to keep going and roll with the plateaus. They are inspiring as are you my friend.