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Saturday, January 5, 2013

One week...

So I am one week post op.  My weight has not gone down in a few days.  I'm not stressed about it though...I think I would be if I hadn't had experience with the band.  I know how much I am eating every day, there really is no way to NOT lose weight.  I guess I've burned up my glycogen and my body is gearing up for the next phase, which probably means I should get more active.

I am starting to experience a little food grief.  Not regret about the surgery, just like something is missing...food I enjoyed.  It's Saturday morning, and we always have gone out to breakfast at least one of the weekend mornings.  We are big breakfast people.  (We even had a Sunday brunch wedding reception.)  So when my hubby made Lucy pancakes this morning, I didn't have a strong craving to eat them or have trouble with them eating pancakes, but I did just feel a bit of grief that I'm not joining them.  But then, I realize this is for the short term.  In the future I can have an occasional pancake, although I can't imagine being able to eat more than a couple bites.  Or maybe I won't be able to eat pancakes, but there will be some other breakfast food I can eat and enjoy.  Just a much smaller quantity.

It definitely will take some getting used to, not being able to eat as much as my mind wants.  I went to Crate and Barrel yesterday and bought some teeny little food prep bowls (holding about 2 or 3 oz each) to eat from, and some tiny spoons.  They do help.  I tend to put more in a normal bowl than I think I am, and it helps my brain get used to what I am doing.  I did that with the band when I was about this far out, but it didn't work as well because I still had an essentially preop stomach--no fill in the band, no restriction.  This time, that ounce or 2 that I put in the bowl is really all I am going to eat for at least 30 min.  But my mind wants to keep eating even though I know my stomach won't let me.

For the most part I feel pretty good today.  My incisions are a little itchy but not sore.  I had been holding my "port" incision a lot over the last several days--it was quite sore yesterday for some reason.  I don't feel the need for that today.  Food and fluids are going down a little more smoothly.  I'm sleeping better (as well as can be expected with a 2 year old that still wakes up during the night).

I got my Fitbit in the mail today.  I thought it might help motivate me...let's hope it isn't just one of another series of gadgets that gets lost or forgotten. It looks pretty neat, very small (and easy to lose).  Makes me feel like I should get off my butt and go walk around now.

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