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Saturday, March 17, 2007

More medical stuff than you can shake a stick at

This week I was not the only person in my family to end up in the hospital. It turns out that both my grandfather and grandmother ended up in the same hospital on Friday night. Grandpa had an infected gallbladder and had emergency lap chole surgery done. They actually were unable to retrieve one of the gallstones and will have to remove it endoscopically on Monday. Grandma had some TIAs and was observed overnight and released today.

We went to see them today, and saw my Dad there as well. My uncle Ron even came by, whom I haven't seen in years. It was kind of a fun reunion, although Grandpa still isn't feeling very good yet. Grandma seems a little embarrassed that she had to be admitted at all, but it sounds like she's having these TIAs pretty frequently. She says she is having it checked out. I'll have to trust her.

Today has not been a good day at all, comfort wise. I woke up with a splitting headache from my tense shoulders that I've been sleeping on for the last 4 nights. This morning it felt like a bear had clamped his jaw right down on my left shoulder. Hubby rubbed it for me and it did get quite a bit better for a while, but it's hurting and stiff again now. My abdomen has been very uncomfortable and I can't figure out exactly why--I don't think it's surgical pain, it could be gas from the laproscope, or my GI tract waking up again, or hunger even. I just can't tell. It's incredibly uncomfortable though. I've finally taken some lortab to see if that will help. It's not severe pain, but definitely uncomfortable.

Didn't really feel up to working out today, and most of the day was taken up with going to visit my family. But this morning I was down a total of 4.6 (1.2 from yesterday). Not bad!

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