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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Good ole Pappy

I've had the CPAP here at home since Friday. I can't tell if I'm sleeping any better with it on, but my hubby's having a hard time sleeping with it on. It's not very loud, but loud enough when the house is quiet and you're trying to sleep. He tried it on last night (cutie that he is) and I know I couldn't sleep if he had to wear it...except that I wear earplugs every night to sleep, so I probably wouldn't hear it. Not everyone can, or will, sleep with earplugs. I feel terribly for my man. For one thing, sleep is vital, and he already doesn't get enough sleep without the Pappy going all night. For another, it's something I really should use for my health, so he feels bad if I don't use it. I googled it hoping to come up with some useful suggestions, but all I got were these recommendations: sleep in separate rooms, make a soundproof box for the machine, have him wear earplugs, or get longer tubing and put it away from the bed. The last suggestion is the only viable one and I'll look into it, but it would have to go into the hallway, and the kitty likes to chew on the tubing. So I don't know how we will work this one out.

It takes me a little while to get to sleep with it too; despite the fact that it is pretty quiet and I wear earplugs, the fact that it is on my face and vibrating my facial bones means that I "hear" it in my head anyway. I can't sleep with ANY noise or light, so it makes it a little challenging, but once I get to sleep I sleep pretty soundly. In fact, I can't remember waking up during the night like I do without wearing it. So maybe that IS why I wake up so much during the night.

So, it's a love/hate relationship with the CPAP. I don't know how this little story will end, except that after I lose about 50 lbs I hopefully won't need the darn thing anymore.

Surgery is one week away!

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