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Sunday, December 9, 2007


Some scale movement...I think it's been a month. Okay, probably 2 weeks, but still. I found a gym to join in Spokane...the YMCA in Spokane Valley. It's 9 miles away by freeway. But the facility is the nicest I've found in Spokane (other than the hoity-toity Spokane Athletic Club, which you have to be sponsored for and is about $100/month) and the staff will leave me alone to do my thing. I was so put off by the folks at both OZ Fitness clubs here that wanted to put me on their 5 part plan including a food plan as per their computer program ("it's the same one they use on The Biggest Loser!" they'd crow). And they wanted to sell me their supplements. I don't appreciate their hard-sell business model, and both of the gyms I visited were cramped, noisy and had no natural light. Not a place I'd want to go to recharge. The Y is a beautiful new facility and has lots of natural light, which sold me on the spot, despite the long drive. I can also use the downtown Y, but it is unbelievably bad...old, small, falling apart. It's due to be replaced in 2008, so maybe after that I won't have to drive so far. But it's worth it to me to drive to a place I actually like being in...because I love to work out (amazingly enough) and I want a place that truly helps me recharge.

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