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Saturday, December 8, 2007

New pictures...

Thanks, hubby, for taking these!
We're in Spokane now, mostly. I'm still going to Portland frequently, he's still coming here when I'm here and he can come out. It's not ideal. Nothing is really ideal right now...Spokane is small and I can't find a gym I like, it's far away from my husband, it's cold, my apartment is really noisy and odd...bleh. I feel terribly lonely out here.
But soon, school will start, and all of these concerns will be background noise and all but ignored. Except perhaps the noisy apartment...we'll see if we have to move in the near future.
My weight is moving ever so slowly. At least I'm not gaining...that much is good. I don't think I need another fill. But I've never gotten anything stuck, and I am not the best chewer in the world. Not even bread, apple peels, none of the usual suspects get stuck. I know this is good, but perhaps it isn't? Perhaps I should be filled a little more? I think no. I'll go with what works, keep trying to find a good gym out here, and eat like I should. 42 lbs in about 40 weeks is not terrible...not fantastic, but within reasonable expectations, right?

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