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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweet talker, Betty Crocker...

Well, I should probably write a Dear John letter to brownies, too. We had a picnic this weekend to welcome the soon-to-be new students in our program (they start in January), and I made brownies and got stuck taking most of them back home. I sent most of them to Oregon with hubby today, but certainly ate more than my surgeon, or my scale, would approve of. These brownies I made are from a recipe that my mom made when I was growing up, and I had to buy 4 vintage, used Farm Journal cookbooks before I finally found that recipe--and they are good. But, no es bueno for my weight loss.

To atone for my dietary sins, I did run 5 miles today, and totalled almost 14 miles last week--something I havent't done in a long time. So, I feel pretty good about that.

I'm not moved to get all political on the blog at this time, but I appreciate everyone's comments about the idea. I'm sure I will at some point, but right now, nah. I am really enjoying SNL's Tina Fey/Palin skits, though. The Palin/Biden one this weekend was hilarious--good zingers on both candidates, and on Gwen Ifill, too. It's funny how both sides are claiming that they "won" the debate--but in the grand scheme, the VP debate really means nothing. They each have a lot more to lose than to gain--they can definitely screw things up for their campaigns, but they can't really gain any ground. And the format was about as soft-pedal as it gets.

This week: test on Weds, a paper due. OR 3 days. Hope everyone has a good week.

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