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Monday, October 27, 2008

Top 10 Wishlist: Exports to Spokane

Top 10 Things I Would Like to Export from Portland to Spokane:

10. Portland's beautiful neighborhoods.
9. Customized, do-it-yourself bikes, and their wacky owners. And all the weird bike culture in Portland. And bike paths.
8. Trains that arrive and leave at reasonable hours.
7. Drinking fountains and public trash cans on the streets.
6. Mild winters that don't require snow tires.
5. Free public Wi-Fi clouds.
4. Coffee--a Stumptown would be heavenly. While we're dreaming, we could export my all-time favorite Portland coffee house, Albina Press.
3. Saburo's Sushi
2. My band surgeon, Emma Patterson.
1.My friends. Not just the ones from Portland, though. You know who you are!

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