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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Bandiversary

I knew there was something about yesterday's date that was striking a bell, besides being Friday the 13th. It was the 2 year anniversary of my band surgery.

At 2 years out, I am just about exactly the weight my surgeon said I would be, having lost 70% of my excess weight. I have been maintaining this weight, within 5 lbs either direction, since last June. I still want to get to 160. Today I am 168. But I'm pretty happy where I am.

The other day I was giving an anesthetic for another band surgery. I have done about 3 or 4 bands so far since I started my clinicals last July. The CRNA I was with asked the surgeon--who has only recently started doing bands, he's mostly a bypass surgeon--about how the band worked and the surgeon was explaining. He ended up saying that gastric bypass patients tend to lose about 70% and band patients lose about 50% of their excess weight. I asked him about the 5 year studies that show the weight loss is the same between the two groups, and he said that those studies were small and he didn't think they were reflective of actual results. I tend to disagree, but I'm not 5 years out yet.

I don't wish to lose 100% of my "excess weight". I think my actual excess weight is a bit less than what they calculate with BMI charts and other methods. If I had a tummy tuck, I don't know that I'd actually want to lose any more weight than where I am now. I'm wearing size 6 jeans (4 different brands, and not stretch either). My tops are either smalls or mediums. I have flab, but that isn't going to get much better without plastic surgery. Most importantly, I'm able to run and do things that were never possible for me before.

I haven't had any heartburn since those 2 times a few months ago. And those were the only 2 times in the past 2 years I have had any. I can eat more than I should be able to. But I think if I was more careful about stopping sooner, I would still stay full at least 3 hours. I can still stop myself when I find myself looking for food and ask, "Am I actually hungry?" Usually, the answer is no, and usually I can redirect myself. Sometimes I still eat something. Old habits die hard. But I'm at least aware that I am eating when I am not hungry, that I'm eating for other reasons.

It's not normal to lose 30 lbs in the first year of anesthesia school. Most people gain at least 10. I had lost 40 before starting, and I'm thankful for continuing to lose despite some good reasons not to. Losing these last 5 lbs is a struggle, and I hope to be successful in the quest. If I am not, if this is the weight that I am able to maintain comfortably, then I can live with that.

Being banded was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Yay for 2 years!


Survivor said...

Happy birthday sweetheart. I'm so proud of you. Thanks for being beautiful both outside AND in. :-)

She Smiles said...

Happy Bandiversary! Its feels great doesn't it?

Diz said...

Happy Bandiversary Gwen!!! I'm looking forward to reading your Blog 5 years out and seeing if you are right. I think you are. I think, with any WLS, it's up to the individual to make their own success, and you've certainly made yours. You Rock!