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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

March is Here

Tomorrow is March 1. I have my OHSU interview for CRNA school at 1pm. While I don't plan on enrolling there if I am offered admission, I am curious how their interview process might have changed, how the curriculum has changed, and what they hope to do to help their students graduate from their new program.

It is also just 12 days before surgery. I've submitted my request for medical leave to extend until 4/3. I might be able to come back earlier on light duty, but at least I'll have the time off to get well & be ready to work when I come back. Maybe I'll fit into my scrubs a little better by then, too.

I get my CPAP on Friday (oh boy), and have my preop appointment with the hospital on Monday. I still have to schedule my preop class...and then I'm ready to go.

Ready. To. Go.

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