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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Article: Huckabee's Weight Loss

Two things I've discovered that are very predictable about me: I like to recycle interesting articles I find on other people's blogs on my own blog, and I like NPR. So when PastaQueen posted this (old now) article about (former presidential candidate Mike) Huckabee's weight loss, I thought, Yahtzee! It's about weight loss, it's NPR, and it's interesting. So there you go. I had no idea he suffered the same humiliations that many morbidly obese people suffer, and while he was governor, no less. I didn't realize it because I didn't think about it--because I personally think he is a scary right-wing wacko. Some don't, whatever. At least it appears unlikely that he will end up our president next year.

Huckabee does kinda make me laugh, though, because of his "Huck and Chuck" ad. He does have a good sense of humor. Our Pharmacology teacher is a big, fairly young (somewhere around my age) Viking-looking guy named Clay, and he likes to start or end classes by reading a few Chuck Norris Facts from his book full of them. He even put one on our last exam. So I think for the rest of my life, Chuck Norris will remind me of my first year of anesthesia school, and will always make me laugh--even though he, too, is a bit of a scary right-wing wacko.

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