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Saturday, May 31, 2008

GU Pics

Shamelessly stolen from my benefactors on the Interwebs.

Top: View of University Chapel on campus
Second: Side view of Foley Center, the Undergraduate Library
Third: The Foley Center
Last: The Admin Building at Gonzaga University

These are pretty pictures, but I wasn't as impressed in person. But then, it's a fairly small Jesuit school, and it is nice. The campus is just outside of downtown Spokane, and the main running/activity trail in town, the Centennial Trail, goes right through campus--I actually ran right by the Law School and the stadium on my run today, and when I was in the library I could see where I had been earlier in the day. It's a fairly ideal location (if you must have your school in Spokane, that is) and is obviously considered a crown jewel of the city. For those who come here as undergraduates, I can see how they develop a lifelong loyalty to GU and a fond memory for their college days. It has that "college town" feel to it, yet Spokane is bigger than a college town. And of course, there's the outstanding basketball program. It's a nice school, but in our program we just don't really feel like we are a part of it. Maybe studying on campus will change that a bit, I don't know.

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