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Monday, May 5, 2008

The big 6-0

I finally made it: 174, 60 lbs gone. 14 to go. Woo hoo! I spent the weekend in Portland, NOT eating like a perfect bandster, but I did go for a couple runs with hubby, which was lots of fun.

This week is a light one at school. We had a big exam today for A&P, which was hard and awful. Now I have IVs in the morning, 0545, then pharm at 0800, then done for the day. Weds we have airway in the morning, Principles in the afternoon, then we are done for the rest of the week. How about that? Of course we have a pharm exam the next Monday, so we'll be studying all weekend. But today was a No Study Day. My classmates and I went for a margarita after the exam, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I had an enchilada, and some rice and beans. I didn't eat much, actually, but I'm sure it was about 1000 calories, with the margarita and the food--greasy American-style Mexican food, mmm. The rest of my eating today was pretty slim, so overall I probably came in around 1500 calories, and did a lot of walking. Tomorrow is a run day, after school, and after delivering flowers to our program director, who had spine surgery today.

I can't beleive I made it to 60 lbs lost. It took me 14 months. A lot of people can do that just with dieting, but for me it's a miracle. And I didn't have to suffer for it--just ate less, tried to make good food choices 85% of the time, and lots of exercise. This is something that is sustainable as a lifestyle, not some severely calorie restricted diet with constant hunger pains. I've had no typical Bandster mishaps with barfing or reflux or too-tight fills, my restriction level has been pretty good for about 9 months, and no complications. And I'm almost at goal! Unbelievable.


Token Fat Guy said...

Congrats on making 60! Found your blog while surfing. I'm pushing my way to onederland.

Anyway, good for you. You are almost at your target weight!

Leah said...

Congratulations! I'm jealous that you were able to get here without "working too hard", but I'm really happy for you.
only 14 pounds to go - wow!