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Friday, July 4, 2008


Happy 4th, folks. Despite the hot, muggy weather yesterday in Portland, today is our typical 4th of July weather: nothing but clouds. It's in the low 70s, and doesn't look like the clouds are going anywhere, making for a typical foggy fireworks show.

I made the mistake of going by Great Harvest yesterday and buying a fresh loaf of honey wheat bread. Doh! I've eaten a few pieces today, a few yesterday...hmm. Knock it off!

I did manage to run yesterday, in the heat and mugginess. It wasn't that fun, but I got it done.

Today we celebrate Independence--from being a colony, ostensibly. But these days, I prefer to celebrate independence from chub rub, from bemoaning the need to diet (tomorrow), from being too big to enjoy the simple pleasures like running around, throwing the frisbee, and playing in the sun. Independence from the big girl stores. Independence from constant worry over this one small area of life--and freedom to worry about all the other things that remain. Losing weight doesn't release one from worry, but it does put life into a little more realistic perspective. To my US friends, have a safe and happy holiday--and to my friends and readers elsewhere, happy independence to you too!

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Thinspiration said...

I love this post! I am here to celebrate independence from "chubb rub", the couch and big girl stores!