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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


People, can you believe it's almost August? I cannot. Time flies when you're sweating bullets in the OR every day. LOL.

Today I turned in my last exam for the summer, which felt great. We have clinicals 5 days a week until classes start again in September (I'm not even sure when that is). BUT, I am on vacation for 2 weeks after next week...and I am so excited! The first week I don't have much planned. The second week we are going to the coast for the week. I have gotten a 2 piece swimsuit for this trip and it is flattering. I am pretty excited about it. But I am mostly excited to spend a week on the beach not thinking about school.
The low weight has stuck around...no regain yet! Woot! It's so weird, but so exciting too. I can't believe I only have 8 lbs to goal.

I'd better go for my run so I can get to bed at a reasonable hour. I scanned some old photos today. It was nice to do something not school related. Here are a couple goodies from the 80s, enjoy.


Diz said...

YEA!!! You did it!!! Both personally and professionally, you kicked ass and took names! I'm so happy for you and you are truly an inspiration to me. Have fun on vacation (think you'll post a bathing suit pic?).

P.S. I just love your kindergarten picture. There's something about that "look".

Hubby said...

Two-piece swimwear, eh? Wow, I am even *more* excited about our upcoming nuptials remembrance week. You rock, sweetie.