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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of Watermelon, and PMS

The 160's won't happen this week. I am foiled again by PMS. Ah, well. I can feel that the 160s are near! Maybe next week.

I am surprised by how tired I am since clinicals started full time. It's not just the early mornings--although I don't know many people who can get used to getting up at 4:30 every morning, much less following that by doing something stressful that you're just learning how to do and being critiqued all day long. The early mornings are tiring. But the learning curve is very steep, which is mentally exhausting. And ending the day by coming home to more homework and having to make out a plan for the next day's patients--which takes more time and brain power than I feel up to devoting to the task--and having to exercise, and get to bed at a reasonable hour (ahem, like right now) is quite tiring.

My runs have been very sluggish since clinicals started. I guess it's good that I'm able to keep doing them. Tonight my bed nearly tempted me to skip the run (and go to bed at 7:30!) but then I was afraid that it would become a habit. Besides, I had planned the run in my day. So I went--I had little excuse not to, it was 70 degrees and perfect by then.

I am obsessed with watermelon this week. It is the best--I've been getting the little sweetheart watermelons and I can eat it all day long. Plus it is very hydrating. And did you know it's been found to have a chemical that is good for erecti1e dysfuncti0n? Not that I have to worry about that. But just an interesting tidbit to put in your fact file.

Clearly, it's time for bed.

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Thinspiration said...

You are lucky you have run weather. It was 106 out today and there is no way I am exercising outside! Watermelon also has lycopene...so it's good for you all around!