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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Super-Stress Diet

Sorry I haven't been posting. My life has gotten very stressful and shall we say, unmanageable, lately. Nothing I really want to blog about just now, if ever. But there are some personal things going on that have rather blindsided me this weekend. I took a couple of days away from clinical to clear my head. If I was having surgery last week, I wouldn't have wanted me putting me to sleep, if that makes sense.

But, in 2 weeks I have lost 9 lbs. The first 4 were lost the "right" way, eating right and following my plan. The last 5 were lost via the "take 2 bites and get nauseous, but drink a lot" stress diet. I expect I might see a couple of those pounds again, once I start eating normally. I am able to run a bit again, since the snow is slowly but surely melting. Tomorrow I am going to join the GU gym and hopefully can get a bit more exercise/stress relief that way.

I am looking forward to getting back into the OR in the AM and getting back to life. I hope everyone is well.


She Smiles said...

Look after yourself Gwen. *hugs*

Diz said...

Oh Gwen. I hope things aren't too unbearable for you. You are in my thoughts. Nice to hear about the weightloss, but sucks that 5 weren't the way you wanted them. Hey...a loss is a loss.

I think your husband would be ok going back. But I can certainly understand his hesitation. I pray you both get to go. I don't think I've ever seen such beauty in one place.