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Monday, August 24, 2009

Click for you, too!

So, I've never done a product review before on the blog. My hubby sent the nice people at CLICK the link to my review, and they are so nice. They are sending some individual serving packs as samples. So when I see how many come, I will figure out some sort of give-away and you all can try this stuff.

There is a special rate right now on amazon.com (here's the link via MeltingMama's amazon store so she gets some little kickback-love) but they sold out immediately, apparently. You can still order it and they'll ship it when it comes in again. The special rate is $20.88; I paid about $27 at SuperSupplements.

I think the restriction I enjoyed for about a day is sadly gone. It seems I'm back to where I was with an empty band: able to eat too much. I stay full 2-4 hours but it takes more to keep me from scavanging for food. I'm not too happy about that...appointment next week sometime.

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Kinzie said...

Gwen, always looking for new products so thanks for the info. One question, any idea how much caffeine is in the Click? Just wondering. Glad you are going back to the doc, hang in there.