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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not just a fill....

I went to my (new) band surgeon today, because of course, as I have been posting for some time now, I am gaining and feeling out of control and needing help. It had been over a year since my last appointment, so I needed to be seen anyway.

I saw the PA (his name is Brian) and explained briefly what is going on. We went over how much I can eat, my exercise etc. I explained that my lowest weight was 13 pounds less than I am today, and the last time I was in my weight was about 15 pounds higher than it is now. (So, slightly better than I was then, but definitely lost some ground.) Yep, we both decided, let's do a fill.

Now, let's see...

The band was empty. Completely. Should have had 2.5 cc. Nothing.

Well, that explains a bit. And it isn't great news. Despite what a lot of band folks say about band leaks, bands really don't leak just part of their fluid. If there is truly a leak somewhere in the system, they go flat, just like a tire, because it is under pressure. Sometimes a little bit of fluid "goes missing" and no one is really able to adequately explain that. But a completely empty band that should have had fluid in it, that was known to have a certain amount of fluid in it at the last visit, is not a very good sign for the integrity of the band.

He refilled me to 2.5 cc, since I tolerated it fine last time. (I've never, ever been overfilled. Ever.) That's a big fill for one shot, but since I have had more and been fine in the past, and since I have never been too tight, barfed, PB'd, had any reflux, or anything, I agreed that it should be fine. He told me to come back in 2 weeks and he would recheck the level. If it needs to be filled again, he will fill me without extra charge. If I lose restriction prior to that, call the office.

If the fluid leaks out, we try replacing the port. (My understanding is that this is an in-office procedure.) If that doesn't work, I need a revision. I had already decided months ago that if I ever needed a revision, I was converting to a sleeve. BUT. My insurance doesn't cover bariatric surgery (or even medical weight loss). Even if I had the money now, I don't have the time, with 8 months left of school. And by the time I have a job, I am hoping to be pregnant, which delays this even further. (But also allows me to have more cash for this thing.) So, all around it is pretty sucky timing for me.

Here's hoping that I don't have to go down that road. I'd really rather not, at all. But if it comes to that, I know what I want to do, and it will be affordable (for me) by the time I have both the time and the ability to pay for it.

Meanwhile, it's not all about me. My hubby has some serious things going on with his child--nothing I want to talk about here on the blog, because it is not mine to share with the whole world. But any extra nice thoughts coming their way would be much appreciated. And yes, I am concerned, on multiple levels, and we will get through this together.

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Diz said...

Please consider good thoughts coming your husbands way.

On the flip side, that's actually really good news. Your band was completely empty and you only gained 13 lbs. A lot of people would have gone completely overboard, but you didn't. You kept the things you learned in check. I read in a different blog how someone gained 7 lbs in a week when her band was emptied.