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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled WLS Content..

Sorry about that, folks, and sorry about the goofy spelling. I'd rather not attract a bunch of disgruntled medical folks to my blog that is NOT about anesthesia politics, so I'm trying to get around the Google.

Today was a beautiful, sunny Spokane day. Hubby and I got up and went to breakfast, then I did a bit of studying before we headed out to a sports bar to watch Tiger in the US Open. We enjoy watching Tiger on Sundays, it's a bit of a tradition for us. But we don't have a TV in Spokane (the giant TV lives in Portland, it's better that I don't have the distraction here) so on the rare occasion that we do want to watch something (usually a sports event) we go to a bar. Then, it ended quite late, so he had to leave once we got home. Not to worry, though, he'll be back later this week. :)

After he left, I went back to the People's Park by the Spokane River for a nice 3.9 mile run. It was still at least 75 degrees although the sun was going down by then. What a lovely day. The run was tiring, but since we had nachos at the bar I really needed the run! Now it's time to shower, look over my cards one more time, and go to bed.

Sometime this week, if the weather holds up, I'll go back with my camera and take some photos by the river. It's really a beautiful spot. And if my weight loss survives the nachos, I'll be a happy girl.

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