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Saturday, June 7, 2008

It Was a Dark and Stormy Day...

...and I did not want to run.

But, alas, weather.com says it will rain all day. Do I want to run in the rain or on a treadmill? I'm going with the rain, I think. Just have to work myself up to it.

Yesterday was my run day, but I took the day off. Just wasn't feeling it. Today I need to run AND go to the gym and lift. I haven't lifted all week! Bad me.

I didn't do fitday yesterday either. Double bad! I'm thinking that when I don't track, my calories are in the 1600 range; when I do, closer to 1100-1200. I THINK if I kept it around 1100, I would probably still lose weight; so maybe the answer is more tracking? But this week is a hormonal weight-gain week anyway, so I'll look at this all again next week.

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Diz said...

It's all good Gwen. One day at a time. I love walking in the rain and smelling the pine. There's something serene about it. Now running may be a bit more difficult, but I'm sure, when you're in the zone, it's a great feeling.