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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Return of Squawker

She's back. At least, I think only a momma squirrel can get this angry. I came home from class at 12:30 (our second class was cancelled, yay!), sat down to the computer with the back door open, and there she was in about 10 minutes. This time, my cat got interested enough to watch the show. She couldn't have cared less yesterday--not much of a predatory instinct in her. But today she is watching intently through the door. She doesn't seem to want to be any closer, and isn't making any sort of indication that she would attack--in fact I'm pretty sure she'd run away if the door wasn't between the two.

I love animals, but I think squirrels are kind of gross. They remind me too much of rats. I heard an old phrase once, "Squirrels are rats with better PR." I don't think this is the time of year to have a nest of baby squirrels nearby, but I'm no squirrel expert. So who knows, perhaps this is a momma who has built her nest near my kitchen door, and is warning me not to get any closer. She gets points for being gutsy, that's for sure--she's clearly willing to take on people, cats, whomever gets near her.

So today we got the rundown of our first class--went through the syllabus and all the assignments that will be due this term. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by the expectations in this program. We have to just slow down and take one day at a time. It really helps to not think about any assignment but the next ones due--I just plot them all out in my calendar, figure out at the beginning of each week what I will have to turn in, decide ahead of time when I have to start studying for the next exam or researching any big projects, and be diligent about time management. But it was really nice to get to sleep an extra 30 minutes this morning (I did have to be in the SAU to start IVs at 5:45 this morning, but I didn't have to set up an OR, which normally would start at 5am). And tomorrow we don't start until 11:30--heaven! One day a week that we won't have early (before 7am) starts is fantastic.

I ran 4.5 miles yesterday. I'm experimenting with doing some short runs on what have been "non-run" days--1 or 2 of those days a week that I normally wouldn't run, I've been doing shorties, like 1.5 miles. I'm just interested in seeing if it helps me or hinders me. So far it's been going fine and it takes the pressure off me (that I put on myself) to make my minimum mileage goal for the week (I'm still only running 12 miles/week, but want to work back up to 15). My weight is back up a smidge, but my period is coming so that is to be expected, and I can comfortably wear my size 6 jeans again, so that's great! It's funny how 4 lbs makes no difference in how clothes fit when you start out, but the closer you get to goal, the more it affects everything.

I'm off to the library very soon, to work on tomorrow's presentation. Enjoy a little video of our visitor. I didn't get her at her noisiest, but you'll get the idea, I think.


Diz said...

I love the blogs about squawker. I wouldn't worry that your blogs are not all about WLS. You are more than the surgery and so should your blogs be. You have a life. Thanks for sharing it.

Thinspiration said...

I used to live in a 2nd floor apartment in front of a huge oak tree. The squirrels would jump on my screen and just screeech at my cats. It was bizarre. I do like squirrels, but they can get pretty agressive.
I totally relate to the 4 lb thing making such a difference. I lost 30lbs at first before I went down my first size, now just 5-10 lbs makes such a big difference. My husband had a good take on it... it is a higher % of overall body weight that we lose as we get smaller. Makes sense...