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Monday, September 15, 2008


I have an angry squirrel on my deck. I've never heard a squirrel make the kinds of noises and squawks that this one does--and he's done it before. He runs right up to the back door, looks in at me from the railing, and squawks for 20 minutes. Doesn't move. Nothing around. It's weird.

Back to life...it's hard to believe we are halfway through September already! I finally got back down to 167 yesterday. Whew, that was a relief! Nothing else of particular interest to report there. I couldn't call my surgeon today, but should have time tomorrow. Still, only 7 lbs to go.

I feel like a terribly boring blogger lately. I want to keep this on the WLS topic, but WLS has been pretty far from my mind lately, with my days spent in the OR, and evenings spent preparing for the next day in the OR. And now with classes gearing up again, I already have a queue of presentations to get ready, and after tomorrow will have a schedule of papers that will need writing, teaching projects that will need preparing, and lots of reading that will need...reading, I guess. Losing weight isn't really the main goal right now, I guess, and thinking of interesting thoughts about it doesn't seem to be on the docket either. So hopefully, things will get more interesting around here, but it might be a long semester on the blog. Sorry.

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She Smiles said...

Just let us know you're doing ok every now and then and we'll forgive you!