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Monday, September 22, 2008

Farewell summer

Ahh, the wind, the bite in the air. The rain. The first day of fall. For me, it just marks the beginning of 6 months I spend waiting for the first day of spring.

Why did I move to Eastern Washington again?

I love summertime. The cold months are my least favorite. I hate being cold SO MUCH. Even when I was obese, I hated the cold. I was never one of those who longed for my sweaters and bulky clothes--I love the sunshine. There are a few summer days in the year that I do get overheated, but they are the exception rather than the rule for me. I'm happiest at about 80 degrees.

Anyway, back in the real world, it's rainy and chilly. I have to start wrapping my brain around running in the rain and cold, because I plan on doing it through the winter. I might have to break down and head inside to the treadmill, ultimately, but lots of people run through even worse winters than we have here, and I don't want to go back to the gym if I can help it. (nothing against the gym, but I prefer running outside, and I want to stick to it.) So, it's time to embrace the elements.

I'm so overwhelmed already by schoolwork, I can't see how more weight loss is going to occur this semester. I can barely get done the schoolwork that needs doing. Right now I'm feeling like if I get to December without gaining, I will have succeeded. Hopefully it won't be that bad, though.

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Diz said...

Ah...I love all the seasons. Don't like the way I look in sweaters, but love the bite on my nose. I wouldn't worry about the weight loss. Remember, you lost weight last semester, while everyone else gained. You will kick butt on that and your studies. I have faith!