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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is this WLS Journey Political?

I have a dilemma. I am a news junkie, and this year, that means being a political junkie. At least, it does to me. What could be more important to Americans than the decision we are to make on November 4th?

More and more I feel the urge to blog about my thoughts on politics, but I don't. This is a WLS blog, and while it's also about my life--school, marriage, etc--I don't necessarily want to alienate my readers who come here for thoughts about lap bands and WLS and non-political thoughts. And I don't want my blog to attract internet trolls or spark any nasty flame wars or any nonsense that has no business being on this friendly little blog.

So...what do you all think? I don't think I have time for two blogs--I barely have time for one. Do you see the dilemma? I'm just not sure what's best for this little blog.

I have one fairly non-partisan thought on politics to share. I hate that with every election there is a growing war against intelligence. Voters are expected to follow the feint and whim of each campaign's obvious attempts to manipulate and distract us. Citizens seem more and more willing to accept candidates (and I'm not just talking about presidential candidates) who are average (or less than) in intelligence but, they hope, have impressive moral standing (until the inevitable sex scandal or the unfortunate lapse in judgement from the past is resurrected--this happens to politicians of all breeds). Most importantly, we want our candidates to be "just like us". But not me--I want someone who is better able to lead the country than I am. All the talk of elitism is ridiculous smoke-and-mirrors to me. Politicians want us talking about anything but the issues, because the issues no longer decide elections. And you know what? Not voting on the issues that matter to this country has already gotten us in a lot of trouble.

I'll stop there.

I should really start thinking about how politics and bariatric surgery intersect--things like how image and weight impacts how we are valued as citizens and as media personalities, or the impact of changing our health care delivery system on the obesity problem, and how poverty and class intersect with obesity and other health problems. This might keep Gwen's WLS Journey on a more pertinent track for the interwebz.

Thoughts and comments are welcome! And not just the American readers; what do my non-American readers think of American election talk on this blog?


sparkly_jules said...

Well, IMHO, it's YOUR blog, you can talk about anything you want; however, I believe that a discussion about the access to WLS or any healthcare in the US is pertinent. I've tried since November, 2004 to get WLS. It took me 18 months battling my insurance company, jumping through flaming hoops, quitting my job, going on COBRA and finally, finally being approved, to have the surgery canceled four days before it was to occur by the director of my medical group.

I've not had insurance since 2006, and that is scary.

How can we have the best medical care in the world, but most Americans cannot access it. That, IMO, is just wrong.

And what do you say to some in the Republican party who say that health care is not a right, but a privilege?


Good post.


Molly said...

Hey Gwen,
I've read your blog for awhile now and it's helped me tremendously! Even though we've never met, I enjoy your journey with WLS and exercise but also like to see that you're a real person actually living life in the real world... so I appreciate that you share about your vacations and annoying squirrels. Its your blog and even though not everyone may agree with your political opinions, if they're visiting your site, its because they enjoy the insight you give us into your life... You talk about all kinds of stuff here, why cant that include politics?! I say, bring it on! :)

She Smiles said...

As an Aussie and a human being, I am interested in reading intelligent people's thoughts. Full stop.

Write what you want. I do. People might not comment when I write something off topic, but hey its my blog. Pass on through if you don't like it.

Write on!

Diz said...

I say the goal is not to please everyone with your blog...the goal is to share, unload, unwind. Your opinion is your opinion and if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to comment. Blog away.

As far as politics go, I'm with you. I always vote my issues and I hate having to weed through the media to determine where the candidates stand on my issues. They're always writing about something else, some scandal, some shocker that will sway me to switch when all I really want to know is the basics. And it upsets me that I have friends that do not vote, yet feel they have a right to piss and moan about the current politicians or issues of the moment....ok...I'm calming down and taking another sip of wine....

www.fatgirlslim.com.au said...

political blog away!! I think that it's really a very importnant issue - and those who don't care to read it - will just skim over it and come back for the next installation of 'the squawking squirrel'

great blog - thoroughly enjoy it!

L xo