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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Digress...

Things are back in full swing at the hospital. We start fall semester next week, but we are there every day in the OR until then. Some days are good, some days--like today--I feel like a fool.

Weight-wise, I am stalled. I am hanging onto those 3-4 pounds I put on over vacation. I am toying with the idea of going back to see the surgeon. The thing is, I would like a fluoro to see if the band is still in place, since I can eat way more than 1.5 cups, and did so while on vacation. I don't have other symptoms, but that doesn't necessarily mean all is well. My surgeon only does fluoro if there are symptoms (i.e. reflux, barfing, etc). I don't want a fill unless I know everything is where it is supposed to be. So I guess one of these days I'll call and figure this out. For now, I have so much else on my mind...like school, money, doing my homework for the OR the next day, studying, getting enough sleep...

I have been following the recent political developments with great interest. I don't want to get too political here (and attract the wrong kind of Google keyword searches) but I do have an observation to note. There is a lot of misplaced indignation over the fact that the governor of Alaska/VP candidate has been criticized over her daughter's pregnancy out of wedlock. And many women are coming to her rescue, saying that she is a working mom, who shouldn't have to turn down a great job opportunity because she has a family, and this wouldn't be happening if she were a man. And some or even all of that may be true. But people aren't seeing that that kind of indignation is part of what the GOP wanted with this pick: for women to see her as just like every other working mom, not as a woman who is running for one of the most demanding jobs in the US and who has some very pressing issues at home, including a very young infant with special needs who is going to need a lot of attention from both of his parents in the coming years. Getting women voters to see her as "just like me" distracts them from seeing the issues: that she is less experienced than their opposition, whom they criticized for lack of experience, and she stands a very good chance of having to replace the prez at some point if elected. I don't really want to get into the actual politics that much here (maybe I should start a political blog for that, just like millions of other people do)--I don't want to debate which candidates are better or worse--but I just had that observation, that what many see as a setback to the campaign might be a bit more calculated than previously thought.

Sorry about that. I don't have much else to offer today. Hope everyone is having a good September so far.

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