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Friday, March 21, 2008

Pig Trach Day

Quick note on my way to a pharm test...

The predictions about the snow came true. We are getting quite a bit of snow right now in Spokane. I don't think it will stay for long, but there is about an inch accumulated. I'm hoping it stays warm enough to keep the roads from freezing. Right now it's about 34 degrees at 8am. Today is supposed to be the first day of spring (for leap year) and it's my younger brother's 32nd birthday. So, Donald, thanks for the snow.

Yesterday was pig trach day. We had fresh pig trachs flown in from somewhere back east, and learned to perform emergent cricothyrotomies on them. They made a whole day of it; we had 2 hours but the juniors and seniors did theirs earlier, and CRNAs and MDs, not just anesthesiologists but ER docs, pulmonologists, intensivists and others also came to practice crics. It was a lot of fun. Our class went after everyone else had left, so we had a nice low pressure environment to practice in. My personal best time was 29 seconds. We even had photos....

Top photo: Kimberli and Tana work on a trach; Mark readies himself.

Middle photo: Me manhandling the trach

Bottom: Class of 2010: Connie, Mark, Kimberli, Tana, Brett, Corey, Cat, me. Most of the trachs have safe surgical airways established, but you can't really see that here.

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