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Monday, March 3, 2008

Someone Hijacked My Facebook

I have been trying to login to my Facebook account for 2 weeks now. None of my passwords work, certainly not the RIGHT one. Everytime I email them to send me a link to reset my account, I never get an email from them. I sent an email to the helpdesk too, but still no reply.
WTF?? So all I can think is someone hijacked it, and changed the email address on the account. Either that or I'm in trouble for some reason.

Today was the big Physio (A&P) test and it sucked. We studied ALL weekend, all 8 of us. I studied with Cat and Connie, and made the biggest stack of index cards ever. Felt as ready as I ever would. Well, the things I know I got wrong, I just wouldn't have known. I don't remember her lecturing on them or reading them (do YOU know what terminates the reaction of a G protein ligand bound receptor??). Just flat out don't know. I am pretty sure I passed, but not 100%. We'll see...I think next Monday??? Argh!

Hanging at the same weight. Did my full 45 min cardio (including 16 minutes of running) and full weight set. Felt very good to do it all, especially since I did no exercise yesterday, opting to use the time to study instead. (Unless you count walking 2 miles total to get to/from Connie's apartment...that doesn't count.) Did I mention I only have 22 lbs to goal? And that I STILL can't fit in the size 8 jeans? LOL.

I have other things to focus on, though. Connie was looking into a Buddhist temple here in Spokane, which is exactly what I've been looking into, too. So we're going to go, there is 1 Buddhist temple (and a Zen Buddhism center, as well) in Spokane, and they have an Intro to Buddhism series that we want to go to, when the next one starts up. It looks a lot closer to whatever I believe about life and the universe than anything else I've seen so far. I am reading about Impermanence and the Worldly Dharmas --the Eight Worldly Dharmas, which are pairs: Pleasure and pain, loss and gain, praise and blame, fame and disgrace. And lots of other very Buddhist things. It all sounds very intriguing. In Spokane, especially if you are white (like the other 99% of Spokanites) it is assumed that you are Christian. Especially in my program, which is based out of a Jesuit school and a Sisters of Providence hospital. They don't assume you are Catholic, but at LEAST Christian, gosh! Sometimes it's humorous, sometimes it's more maddening. I was raised in a Christian (Episcopalian) tradition, actually pretty devout for Episcopalians. The road has been winding and long, but now I just can't come up with any more convincing reason to consider myself Christian than habit and guilt. And friends, that just ain't good enough for me anymore. Nothing wrong with Jesus, but I get a little crazy around his followers.

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