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Saturday, March 1, 2008

We Made It

It is March 1. No new snow has fallen in the past 3 weeks. The sky is blue, and sunny, and it's 42 degrees at 11am.

As of this morning, I am officially down 52 pounds. My bandiversary is on March 13, so provided that I maintain this most recent loss by then (or hopefully, add to it) I will have averaged 1 lb per week weight loss this year. That doesn't sound like much to a lot of bandsters, or even to most people researching WLS. But to me, that is a big deal. I've never lost more than 1/2 lb per week, let alone maintain that loss. And if I am within the low average weight loss for the first year after band surgery, that makes me happy! And I am within 22 lbs of my goal, which makes me very happy.

At this time last year I had just scheduled my surgery and sorted out my medical leave. I felt huge, miserable, and desperate, but also saw some light at the end of the tunnel. I had just found out that I was accepted into school, and had all but decided to go to Gonzaga no matter what the outcome at OHSU. (And now that I look at my calendar, today was the day of my OHSU interview last year.) I didn't really allow myself to think too much about where I'd be today, back then. I just wanted to get through surgery and see if it would work for me. I certainly didn't think I'd be running by now, by choice! :)

Speaking of running, last night I did a total of 16.5 minutes running over a total of 45 min on the treadmill. I felt good, and was able to do 2-5 minute sprints (I ran for 5 min, and alternated with walking-next 4 min, 5 min, 2.5 min). My resting HR seems to be hanging about 80-84 bpm. My max HR when I finish a running stretch is 164-176, and it recovers quickly. Things are going well, and my legs can definitely tell they are getting more of a workout these days.

Now I just want to get into those size 8 jeans I bought. It's funny, the 10's I am wearing are getting baggy, but I bought the same brand and style of size 8 and I can't get them over my hips. What's up with that? So I'll try them again in another 3 lbs.

OK, this weekend is all about studying, so I am outta here. Big test Monday.

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