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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Woo hoo, size 8!

Jeans, that is. I bought some size 8 jeans a couple of weeks ago. The 10s are getting baggy. But I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get them on AT ALL...they SEEMED like the exact same jeans, only 8 instead of 10? But today I couldn't stand it, I went back to the store and tried on every pair of size 8 jeans that I thought might possibly fit. I have thighs that are relatively large for my size, and a waist that is relatively small for my size, so jeans fit is essential (either that, or I just search for the loosest fit I can find to fit into the smallest size....which is it??? I don't know!)

I found the same cut as the 10s, finally, and they fit. They were a little snug, but after wearing them around the house for a couple of hours, they fit perfectly. Score!

I have weird rules about deciding when I have actually dropped a size. I have to be consistently buying clothes in that size, at several different stores, for me to consider myself "that size". And not just the Gap store brands either, they are notoriously kind to American women. So I don't really consider myself an 8 just yet. BUT, usually I fit into the lower size skirt long before jeans of any brand or cut. And I really haven't tried on size 8 skirts, because A, my 10s seem to fit fine still, and B, I don't need any more skirts. I don't need any clothes, really, except that the baggy 10s were really bugging me. I don't like a saggy butt! Incidentally, I tried 10s in the cut that I had bought before, and even they didn't fit in the thighs. But I can buy size 10 at pretty much any store now, and it will fit. So I don't really think it's so much that I am copping out on the jeans. I am not REALLY a true size 8 yet, but I do think I am close, and since these jeans fit NOW, I will take it! :)

I must go run now. Toodles.

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