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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Making the Connection

Just now, I wandered into the kitchen, looking for a snack. I looked in the fridge--all healthy food. I looked in the freezer, not really paying attention to what I was looking for. I thought of looking in the pantry, and then had the thought, "There's nothing good to eat here." Then I realized it: I'm not hungry! I told myself, "Your goal is to get hungry! How can you get hungry if you eat before you get hungry?"

I had bariatric surgery over a year ago. I've lost nearly 60 lbs. Why am I still having to figure this out?

I'm glad I'm getting a fill. This, plus working on my mental game, should help the thoughts of food when I'm not really hungry. Here's what else is going on: I had IVs this morning at 0545, which didn't go as well as I wanted. I only got 4 out of 5 of my IV attempts, and all but one required more than one try. I hate that. I had 2 long classes, and have been thinking about the presentation that I have to do next Tuesday, that I haven't started working on yet. And in pharmacology we started a new section of content, on the autonomic nervous system, which is extensive and complex and painful to listen to. And all of my classmates thought yesterday's pharm exam was our hardest one yet, which makes me doubt how I felt about it (which was pretty good). So I guess you could say my emotional state is slightly anxious, a bit unsettled, a bit stressed. I'm also hormonal, which never helps, and bloated. And lonely. It's a good thing there's "nothing good to eat" here! Sometimes we help ourselves more than we realize. Listen up, WLS wanna-be's: keeping the junk out of the house can help you stick to your goals! It does work for me, anyway.

Over and out.

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