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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sushi and books...

My weight has been exactly the same for 10 days now, down to the 0.1 lb. WTF? No change at all. Actually I didn't even weigh yesterday. I knew it would be the same. But I weighed all other 9 mornings, same time, same Bat channel. Today I didn't work out because I did yesterday, it kicked my ass, and the day before I ended the evening with a round of about 10-12 Sun Salutations at home. I haven't done any yoga for about 3 months, and all those Plank poses killed my arms. Clearly I need to do more of those. I plan on taking my first Iyengar class tomorrow morning at Harmony Yoga, at 0900, if I get to bed soon enough. That will have to be pretty soon....

I have a long weekend of studying ahead of me. We are on the autonomic nervous system in Pharm, and I don't get it...and it's a BIG important part of anesthesia, actually it's about 90% of what we do when you come down to it, so I need to really understand this stuff. I don't think it's going to be impossible if I just hunker down and pick it apart until I really understand it. Physio, we are doing a bunch of stuff that I need to understand better. I have a big 4 hour airway exam coming in less than 2 weeks. Today we asked the juniors about it, and they said to start studying now. So there's that. And my final project for Adult Ed, which is not anesthesia related and is kind of fun, but will need some attention nonetheless. We are supposed to do some in-depth learning on a subject that we don't know much about (and isn't anesthesia related) so I am studying sushi. Although I love to eat sushi, I didn't know much about it. So there is a lot to do for my power point, and my paper, both of which are due on Tuesday morning.

I did get my pharm exam back that I took on Monday. I was nervous because I left the test feeling really great about it, and the rest of the class thought they bombed it, which totally made me second-guess my instincts about it. I had no idea if I was on target with my personal assessment and really wanted to know. Well, I ROCKED the exam, got 52 out of 50-- I missed 2, but got 4 extra credit points, and I think I got the best grade in my class. :) So that was very exciting and uplifting! Especially since I did most of my studying on Saturday and just decided not to go over it anymore on Sunday, because I felt like I knew it. And I did. I'm very happy about that.

Today I bought some things for my sushi presentation: some nori, some sushi rice, pickled ginger, etc. And then it occured to me that I ought to try making some sushi, since I'm buying all this stuff anyway and I'm supposed to be learning about sushi. So I did...I prepared the rice, I got some sushi grade tuna at the market, and followed the steps and made a maki tuna (maguro, I guess) roll. Let me tell you, I already had a lot of respect for the itamae (sushi chef) but I have much more now. I made an extremely simple roll and it was not pretty when it was done. It tasted pretty good--I would be disappointed if I bought it at a sushi bar (by flavor alone, even if it looked pretty--it just wasn't that interesting) but it was definitely edible. The tuna was tasty (I don't know if I'll trust Spokane again as a source for sushi grade fish, but this experience will let me know) and my sushi rice wasn't bad. I should have taken pictures. Maybe tomorrow...I have quite a bit left.

Back to studying...but first, I am very excited that my hubby is coming to Spokane tomorrow night! Multiple issues have prevented him from making the trip over the last 2 weeks, and it's been very hard for both of us, but I'm thrilled that he will be here very soon. I can't wait. Hurry hurry! :)
p.s. Snow predicted tomorrow. Was 65 degrees today. WTF?

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