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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nothing but weight loss today...

I'm going to try for a strictly WLS post now. The past several posts have been all about anesthesia school, and while this is an all-consuming part of my life now (as WLS was around this time last year), there is still this weight-loss thing trying to go on. So here goes...

My weight has been exactly the same for a week, down to the 0.1 lb. I'm not sure if I need a fill or I just need to be more careful about my eating. Certainly tonight was not a careful night...went out for sushi with some classmates, which was great fun, but I ate a bit more than I should have, and had a drink, then we went for another drink elsewhere...While this isn't the end of the world, I rarely drink (don't need the calories) so I always question myself when I do, especially when I'm trying to make the scale move. But we needed the study break, and I am so tired of weekends being about nothing but studying for the next exam. So I do wonder what the scale will reveal tomorrow.

Today was an even nicer spring day than yesterday, with a high around 70 and lovely sunshine. So nice! I got on my bike for the first time in probably 6 months and blithely assumed that I could zip up the South Hill since I can now run for 20 minutes! Ha! The bike uses different muscles and a different kind of energy. I'm glad I wore my heart rate monitor, I was able to see how hard I was pushing myself to get up the hills. Wow. If the hills had lasted another 15 minutes I could have used it all as a substitute for my run (which I did not get to today...). Hm. Anyway, went up to Manito Park and studied in the sunshine for a while. It was really nice.

I think next week I will call for a fill appointment. I don't like to rely on the band so much for portion control, but it's been a little out of control lately and I think a fill will probably help. My hunger is sort of coming back, more than I used to have. I'm also going to have to look at the little things that I've let sneak into my meals. Coffee for one thing...I'm getting a little heavy-handed with the creamer, and that has to stop. I actually tried drinking it black today, but I'm not quite that hardcore yet. I'm fine with my weightloss slowing down now, with 18 lbs to go and grad school in full swing. But I'd rather it didn't stop altogether. I need to get back to the regular groove of working out (spring break got me a little out of whack, even though I did work out most days of my break) which helps everything else. Tomorrow: I go to McDonaldland and do the full workout. Maybe a bike ride too, if it's nice again. I'd also like to take some pictures in the Japanese Garden to post here, if it's as nice tomorrow as it was today. Of course, I also have lots of studying, and laundry, and cleaning. Not everything will get done. But the workout must!

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