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Friday, April 25, 2008

False Start

I got up at 0445 this morning to start IVs in SAU (surgical admit unit) which we students have been doing about every 2 weeks...got to the hospital, changed into scrubs, in the SAU by 0545, only to find that the surgery schedule is very light today and as a result, there were no IVs for us to start. All the SAU nurses were standing around looking for something to do--they are usually very busy early in the morning, getting ready for the first cases of the day, of which there are usually lots. So Cari and I stayed until about 0605 and then were dismissed. No IVs today. I'm glad I didn't put in my contacts this morning; I might take a nap.

Or I might go to a 0900 yoga class. I'm not sure yet. Yoga would be a good workout for today, after a day of swim and a day of running and weights. I'm trying to take it a bit easier on myself. Today I lost another pound, putting me at 176 for the first time since--hmm, I don't even know. At this point, every pound I lose puts me in uncharted territory. The last time I was in this neighborhood was somewhere between 18 and 19, when I was trying to ignore my weight because it was starting to get out of control. These days I realize that my skeleton carries a significant portion of my weight, and 176 on me looks more like 156 would on most. I'm lucky this way, I know. This is my reason for not shooting for a BMI of less than 25--I can't lose weight in my bones, so why make my lean body mass pay for it? Just seems logical to me.

This weekend is another long study weekend. I don't know yet if hubby will be coming back to Spokane this weekend. I'd like to think yes. But see we shall, hmmm? (doing my best Yoda impersonation)

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