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Monday, April 21, 2008

All streaks must come to an end

The streak is over. I dropped 1.2 lbs, finally. Maybe it was the coffee? Going without it this weekend wasn't bad. I'm on my way to a 4 hour A&P lecture, so I might break down and get some during a break. But so far I'm doing okay.

Not much to add this morning. We tried to go to the Buddhist temple yesterday morning and check out their service, but it was the day of their semi-annual Food Bazaar, so we bought some treats instead, and went to the Perry Street Cafe for breakfast, which was underwhelming. Hopefully we'll both be here next weekend to attend the service.

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Me said...

Yeah for you! I've enjoyed reading your blog...you have a really good understanding of the emotional/psychological relationship with food we all seem to have.