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Friday, April 18, 2008

Eat like a 3 year old

Day 11, same weight. Wonder how long this can go? Even 0.1 lb change--EITHER DIRECTION!--would be reassuring. But, I will roll with it.

Today's rule is: Eat like a 3 year old. Hungry? Eat. Get full? Stop. Not hungry, food's there? Push it away.

Also, I'm going to cut out coffee this weekend. Some bariatric docs swear that you have to stop drinking coffee to lose weight. Elsewhere I've heard that the caffeine is an appetite suppressant, as long as you don't load up your coffee with too many calories. But I'm on a plateau, and I have to change something. On Monday I suspect I won't be able to get through 4 hours of A&P lecture without some coffee, but this weekend I can do it.

I didn't get to yoga this morning--it was 2am by the time I got to sleep, and my 8am alarm was NOT happening. Turned that bad boy off and slept until 10. I love having no classes on Fridays. I know this will end soon, and I am enjoying it for now. Today I have a lot of studying to do, of course (don't I always?) so I am getting to it shortly. That Friday 9am yoga class probably will never happen--who am I kidding?--I sleep in on Fridays. I'll have to find another one. Yes, the life of a childless anesthesia student. It does have its perks. I know most of my classmates, who have children, got up early today and are already studying, rather than enjoying a slow wakeup with breakfast and the Interwebz.

More later, I think.

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lori said...

Coffee - hmmm, you know, Atkins said don't drink coffee. He didn't know why but he said weight loss stalled and theorized that maybe it caused people to eat more than they should. What we've recently discovered is that the blood sugar level of diabetics spikes in the evening by 36% after drinking four cups of coffee in the morning.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I always look forward to reading yours.